Shrub Fertilization Services

Most homeowners rely on shrubs to promote better privacy without the need for wood or vinyl fencing. Like trees, many shrubs are relatively low maintenance plants to care for, making them an ideal choice for many yards. However, like any plant, they can benefit from proper fertilization now and again. Choosing a product from your local hardware store or landscape nursery, however, may not be enough. Advance Lawn Care provides expert shrub fertilization services that keep your plants hearty throughout the winter season. Since 1999, we’ve helped more Spartanburg, South Carolina yards maintain a lovely set of shrubs for less every day.

Don’t allow Mother Nature or Old Man Winter to wind up harming your shrubs. Instead, let us help you navigate through the seasons and maintain your best lawns today.

‍Shrub Fertilization Greenville & Spartanburg

The common shrub often requires an initial application of fertilizer to help it adjust to your yard. Many shrubs get purchased as living plants, and there is a period where they must acclimate to a different setting. Unfortunately, the wrong fertilizer type or adding too much too song will overwhelm the plant, causing it to die instead. Other fertilizer types are meant for specific times of the year, leading to further risk of burning out. Instead, you can always choose our landscaping experts instead for the best in professional nutritional applications. Whether you need to welcome your new shrubs to your home or you need better protection throughout the colder seasons, we are here for you every day.

Call now for the best in local fertilization application services for your shrubs, as well as your other plants. No one else has the professional experience you can rely on like our team.

‍Which Season is Best?

‍When it comes to caring for shrubs, the two seasonal windows you want to shoot for in fertilizing them is early spring or late fall. Feeding in spring means preparing the plant for more growth in the warmer months while applying it in fall helps it survive winter and produce more results in the following spring season. However, applying fertilizers during the wrong times of year can set the plant up for failure. Promoting new plant growth in late summer will lead to the young sprouts dying off in winter because they haven’t matured enough to grow their thicker skin.

Whether you’re an expert at caring for your yards or you need a professional diagnosis, our team ensures the best nutrition application for any shrub. Call us any time of year to give your shrubs and plants the best care and protection possible. We remain the trusted choice in local landscaping solutions for more area residents. Choose Advance Lawn Care today and give your shrubs the treatment that they deserve.

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