Lawn Overseeding Services

Grass is often a durable plant that continues growing through any season. However, despite how hearty it can be, sometimes it just isn’t sturdy enough to survive the year. Whether it’s too many days of hot summer sunlight or unseasonably cold temperatures, too much water retention or drought, many things can cause grass to yellow, brown, and die out. When you have patches of dead grass, the best way to restore your yard is with professional lawn overseeding services. By applying an extensive amount of grass seeds, it guarantees a thicker yard for longer.

For the best in local Spartanburg, SC grass overseeding, you need Advance Lawn Care for your yard. Call today and schedule us for a more vibrant lawn.

Grass Overseeding Greenville & Spartanburg

Our team of experienced landscapers remains the fast and affordable solution for more plant problems. Whether you have one area where the grass isn’t growing, or it’s been a while since you’ve filled out your lawn, we are here to provide the best results possible. While sod installation is a straightforward way to install new turf, it isn’t always the most affordable solution. And when you only have a few patches that need assistance, installing sod would be overkill for a single spot. Instead, we broadcast quality grass seeds that we know will take to your soil, offering a lusher lawn quickly. Best of all, it will fill in naturally, appearing as if it were always growing in your yard.

Since 1999, we’ve helped more South Carolina residents experience their best lawns for less every day. If you are concerned with the state of your turf, call us now and let us help you fill it out.

Why Overseeding Services?

Growing new grass within the existing lawn is a practice that professional landscapers have relied on for many years. In addition to creating a thicker turf, the fresh grass can help your overall yard thrive. More grass means increased protection against weeds, pests, and even some forms of plant diseases. When there are fewer bare areas of soil throughout your lawn, it means fewer opportunities for the items you don’t want to see growing. Increased grass production also means greater water retention and decreased erosion. When more grass blades are absorbing rain and sprinkler water, it prevents the soil from washing away.

See why we continue to produce the best in grass overseeding results, all at the lowest pricing possible. Call Advance Lawn Care now if you need help with your grassy areas.

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