Flowerbed Weed Control

Flower beds add a ton of color and vibrancy to any yard or outdoor area. Whether you rely on your flower beds to transform a patio or deck, or as an addition to shrubs and trees, nothing looks better than rows of blooming flowers. Unfortunately, where flowers grow, so do weeds. Not only do they reduce your curb appeal, but they quickly take over yards and rob your plants of resources. When you struggle with keeping your weeds under control, you need Advance Lawn Care for your lawns. We’ve provided the most effective and affordable flowerbed weed control application for more area homeowners since 1999.

We clear out any and all weeds taking over your grounds without harming the flowers, shrubs, and trees that you want to keep. For the best in local Spartanburg, SC weed spraying services, look no further than us.

Greenville Weed Control

You can purchase many different weed control sprays from your local hardware store. However, most consumer grade chemicals are weak, preventing accidental injuries to the homeowner. After a while, the weeds that remain become immune, growing even faster than before. Or, if your solution does keep weeds from sprouting, chances are it puts your healthy plants in the crossfire as well. Only our team can pinpoint weeds within your flowerbeds, yard, and shrubs without killing off the things you want to keep. Using store brand chemicals, on the other hand, will only leave your yard a mess of dead plants and flowers.

Let us help your lawn with the best in local weed control services. We guarantee the most useful applications that are safe for your plants each time.

Weed Control Spartanburg

Many homeowners wonder what the difference is between the weed control solutions that they can purchase versus the ones that professional landscaping services depend on for lawn maintenance. Most bottled control methods are general herbicides, killing any and all plants that it comes in contact with quickly. Instead, we use a specially formulated blend of chemical components that target weeds with minimal damage to flowers and shrubs. Once applied, your pests will whither away while your flowerbeds thrive.

Whether you have mature weeds scattered throughout your plants or prefer preemergent solutions, we provide it all at affordable pricing every day. Calling us first means receiving the best in local yard care maintenance options for any situation. When you need to give your flowers a fighting chance against invasive weeds, no one has better protection for your lawn than us. Contact Advance Lawn Care today to discover how we can rid your flowerbeds of dangerous weeds.

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