Core Aeration

In many cases, homeowners are left scratching their heads as to why their lawn isn’t growing as well as it used to just a few weeks ago. The confusion gets worse when they can’t figure out anything that may have changed since then. When you have double checked the amount of water, sun, and nutrition is sufficient, it can become frustrating not to know what the cause of your yard’s stunted growth. When that happens, there is likely just one solution to promote better growing conditions once more. When you call Advance Lawn Care for core aeration, it allows your grass’ root system to receive fresh air and oxygen. Over time, the grass chokes itself out by growing too thick, preventing air from circulating underneath the soil.

We have been assisting more Spartanburg SC residents with their yards since 1999, making us the expert choice for your grass each time. Call us to hear more about how our landscapers will assist your lawns in looking their best week after week.

Greenville Core Aeration

Many homeowners haven’t heard of core aeration, even though it has existed for quite some time in one variation or another. The process punctures tiny holes throughout your yard, pulling out plugs of dense, compacted soil. Much like trees, flowers, and shrubs, grass blades require fresh air as well. Even though they receive exposure to air and sunlight each day, the root system needs oxygen as well. Unless we create a path where air can seep down into the soil, your grass will eventually suffocate itself, turning yellow, brown, and finally dying out. Core aeration prevents that from occurring by keeping your lawn breathing easily for less.

Don’t waste time and money on ineffective sprays and formulas. The best application for choked out yards is allowing us to assist you.

Core Aeration Spartanburg

Some homeowners are skeptical that a core aerator is going to solve their problems. The device uses a thick rolling drum coated in small, blunt spikes that get pushed about your lawn. However, despite the simplistic design, there is no arguing with the results. In a short span of time, the holes we create naturally fill back in, leaving your outdoor areas looking pristine once more. The process is quick and simple and won’t require you to change anything about your maintenance or work schedule. There are no changes to your plants’ diet or watering needs, and you won’t have to do anything differently once we have finished promoting better growing conditions.

If you don’t know why your grass is appearing weak and droopy, then it’s time to call in the landscaping experts of Advance Lawn Care Let us make your yards their best again with the trusted choice in complete landscape maintenance solutions.