Shrub & Hedge Trimming

Shrubs, hedges, and bushes are all valid ways to promote better privacy around your home, as well as add a ton of value and plant growth to any lawn. However, it doesn’t take long for them to grow scraggly, erratic, and become covered in dead leaves and limbs. Over time, your ignored shrubs will attract pests who thrive on dead plant materials. When you have entire sections of hedging, it could take you hours to successfully trim them all to your liking.

Instead, Advance Lawn Care provides the best in affordable shrub and hedge trimming services. No matter how many shrubs, hedges, trees, and other plants that you have, we guarantee to make them look their best during each visit. Don’t choose expensive landscaping services — we’ll keep your yard looking perfect each month at affordable pricing. See why we remain the trusted choice in Spartanburg, SC landscape maintenance since 1999.

Shrub Trimming Greenville

Shrubs are unique additions to your yard because depending on the species, it may be a form of bush, flower, or even a shorter tree type. Regardless of which shrubs you have on your property, they all require trimming before long. Most professional landscaping service providers insist that you consider trimming at least twice each year. In most situations, your shrubs retain a ton of dead growth from the winter season, and proper trimming in the fall ensures that they stay safe going into hibernation.
Each type of shrub has specific care requirements and attempting to treat all of them the same way may result in harming or even killing certain species. Give your shrubs the individualized treatment they need by choosing to work with the experts in yard service and affordable landscaping care. Call Advance Lawn Care today to hear how much we can save you on all your shrub trimming needs.

Hedge Trimming Spartanburg

Although your hedges seem as if they are one large plant, it is actually a collection of separate shrubs, bushes, and trees growing closely together. Over time, these different plants may end up harming one another solely through natural growth patterns. You rely on your hedgerows for privacy, decreased street noise, and for a greener yard without fencing products. However, because they are living plants, they need trimming services as well.

We provide well-manicured finishes to all of your hedges, as well as the best treatment plans for sustained healthy growth. Whatever your hedgerows require for lusher, greener leaves, we have it all in stock.

Even if you own a consumer hedge trimmer, we guarantee that nothing matches the level of quality that Advance Lawn Care is known for creating. Call us for all your hedge trimming and hedge care needs and save more on every visit.

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