Paver Patios & Sidewalks

When people track dirt and mud into their homes, it does more than make a mess on their carpets and tile. When you bring the outdoors inside, it means dirt, dust, pollen, and other nasty things to your family. If it seems as if you’re continually sweeping up behind yourself, chances are your yard has a ton of exposed grass and dirt. And while you could pour concrete around your home, it’s both dull and pricey.

Instead, paver patios & sidewalks are often the best choices that are easy on the eyes and your budget. Best of all, they can be installed in a variety of colors, allowing you to mix and match shades until you find the perfect combination for your home. Pavestone patios and sidewalks are an ideal way to add more value and convenience to any outdoor areas. For the fast and affordable paver installation team, Advance Lawn Care remains the trusted choice each time.

Spartanburg SC Paver Patios

A patio space can mean the difference between having somewhere to host parties and an unusable yard. Whether you have a swimming pool to work around, have an existing wooden patio, or you don’t want another poured concrete area, pavers are the way to go. Pavers either adhere to the ground or get sealed together. That way you decide to leave them as bricks or as a cohesive flat space that performs like cement.

Our expert paver installers can create any type of outdoor living area you need. Whether you’re planning an exterior living room, fire pit, barbecue grill cooking space, or other design choice, we can handle it all for less. Call today for a free estimate on your best paver patios. We know you’ll love the look of your new patio without the hassle of gray poured cement.

Greenville SC Paver Sidewalks

Many home builders are required to install a sidewalk around the home. However, it’s likely a hastily poured concrete sidewalk that’s uneven and cracking. Other times, it helps to create a walkway from your driveway to the side of your home where you store trash cans and yard tools. Whatever the reason for your pathway needs, pavers are a top consideration. Pavers offer an affordable way to pave over dirt or even existing concrete spaces. Best of all, you can get creative and form murals, patterns, and other unique design ideas.

Whether you’re looking to install a paver patio or a paver sidewalk, we promise top-quality results at lower costs. Contact Advance Lawn Care for the best in local pavestone paver sidewalks.

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