Landscape Lighting

Nearly every homeowner searches for ways to set their yards apart from everyone else. However, many methods of transforming your lawns into unique backyard paradises are often expensive and create more maintenance issues. Other Spartanburg, South Carolina residents think their yards already have the maximum number of plants that they can handle. When you don’t want to add another bush or tree into the mix, it helps to know there are other options.

An affordable and practical way to illuminate your lawn’s best features is through landscape lighting installations. Since 1999, Advance Lawn Care has installed top quality outdoor lights that are low-voltage, bright, and ideal for any space. If you need a way to upgrade your yard without the hassle of additional plants and flowers, then landscape lighting installation is the perfect solution. Call today to hear more details about how we can brighten your lawns for less.

Greenville SC Landscape Lighting

Chances are you’ve seen cheap solar lights sold in your local hardware store. Although solar is a clean, renewable resource, these lights are often brittle to account for the added cost of the small light panel. In addition to not having the durability to withstand daily use, they don’t offer a long service life. Instead, energy efficient 12-watt landscape lights produce a broad area of illumination without adding significant costs to your power bill.

Whether you want a particular plant or tree to take center stage in your yard, or you’d like an affordable and elegant way to light up walking paths, we can help you with it all. We provide experienced landscape maintenance technicians who can solve your outdoor lighting needs quickly. We offer several different lighting types to help more residents enjoy their homes’ outdoor areas. Call today to discuss your exterior lighting needs for the best results possible.

Spartanburg Landscape Light Installations

When you purchase cheap lighting items from a store, you wind up replacing the entire unit when something goes wrong. Because we only install hardwired lighting products, you’ll likely just need to change burnt out bulbs. Today’s lighting choices include LED bulbs, which last far longer than incandescent and CFL bulbs plus they require less power to operate. Not only will your yard look better at night, but you’ll barely notice a change in your typical monthly energy costs. When you choose us for your backyard lighting needs, we guarantee that you’ll love our results each time.

Add more beauty and convenience to your lawns with the best in landscape lighting installations. Advance Lawn Care remains your best option for complete yard care solutions.

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